Hi there.

I'm Nardi.

I do stuff sometimes.

To be professional and stuff I put together a CV.
For that you can click here.

I'm currently studying Physics and Astronomy as well as Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. It will probably take a while before I'm done with that.

In addition I'm often working on De Omslag, an online discussion platform for the future of Dutch universities (and eventually, the world, maybe).

Sometimes I also build other programs. If I think they're worth putting online, you can find them on GitHub.

Occasionally I make some music under the name Limner. You can find that on YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud.

I also might write something. In that case I'll upload it to my weblog on Tumblr.

A couple of years ago I did my final high school project thing.
Here's everything related to that:
The oscilloscope as display (Dutch) (.docx)
OscilloWars (GitHub) (.zip)
OscilloscopeEmulator (GitHub) (.zip)
Video of the result

Other than that, you can always send me@nardilam.nl an email.